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The philosophy of home as a fundamental aspect of human well-being. Dwellosophy is a results-oriented approach to design, enhancing one’s well-being by optimizing one’s home. We call it “dwell-being.” 

Did you know, when you align the furnishings, layout and design of your home with your desires and goals, you actively engage your conscious and subconscious mind to co-create the life you want to live?

Dwellosophy is a dynamic new approach to design, very much unique to who your are. It takes a deeper view into the language your home speaks, in a way which empowers you to create the life which communicates your dreams, your goals and your objectives. When you bring the pure intention for your life into the canvas of your home, your life activates a bionic force supporting everything you do.

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Does Your Life Need Dwellosophy?

  • Does your home support your goals and desires?
  • Does your home feel like an expression of you?
  • Does your home inspire you?
  • Do you love your home?
  • Does your home empower the life you want to lead?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, sign up for the Dwellosophy Online Course, a Dwelling Consult, or work with Kimberly through custom Design Services to co-curate a home which reflects who you are and how you choose to live, inspiring and empowering your best life.

Live Your Dwellosophy and Live a Life You Love.

Why Dwellosophy?


Home has virtually been ignored when it comes to addressing the whole person and our general state of well-being.

How can we be fulfilled and balanced if the place we return to each day is less than an expression of who we are?

How can we be supported to be our best self, if our home is not nurturing and encouraging the ideals we hold dear?

Discover how design contributes to your well-being. Learn an approach which incorporates the layers of the built environment and the impact “place” has on your human experience.

Why You?

You appreciate good design, yes? Then who better to curate your personal sanctuary? You’re the curator of your life, your home is your canvas, your place to express and be reminded of your greatness.

Discover where design meets science and philosophy, let it become your muse.

Live what inspires you and what gets you excited about who you are. You are the mystic in your personal story.


Why Now?


Live your passion every day, live your life as you intend it.

Curate your space from a deep desire to see yourself, to be reminded of your beauty and wisdom, within the landscape of your home.

Create a sanctuary unique to who you are and how you live on this lovely planet we all call Earth.

Make your home not only lovely and supportive, but also a platform for creating the life you want to live.  By giving your needs and desires attention in the landscape of home, your dreams are given the space to unfold.

Harness the Power of Your Home

  • Learn how your home informs your life
  • Translate the language your home speaks
  • Harness the power of your home to actively work for you and your goals
  • Learn the impact each room has on your life, well-being and goals
  • Understand the relevance & correlation of where and how your clutter shows up
  • Impact lasting change in your life with proven tools
  • Learn specific steps toward making your home your sanctuary and your biggest ally in creating the life you desire

“Whatever the soul is,

it is fed by things which honor its presence”

– Coleman Barks


  • Kimberly brings deeply intuitive wisdom to the creation of truly sacred space. Somehow she know how to make a home both intimately personal, but also universally Divine! Working with her has opened me up to new parts of myself - to ask the big questions in deeper way, to listen more deeply and then reflect those truths in my space. Kimberly has shown me through her huge nurturing and wise presence new ways that my space heals me and how to heal myself through reshaping my space. Anyone on a journey of self-growth will find her work a refreshing and delightfully creative way to traverse the path of Awakening! I love my space and my space loves me! Thanks, Kimberly. I love living my own unique Dwellosophy!

    Ivri Vastu Dwelling

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