Your Chaotic Home May Be a Good Sign

Chaos: an utter state of confusion. Composure: the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself. Your Chaotic Home May Be a Good Sign! I just finished a huge project, likely the biggest of my life thus far…minus my ongoing vocation as a momma. Over the last three years, I’ve [...]

Home as a Temple for Your Life

Temple: a place devoted to a special purpose. If the body is the temple for your soul, your home is the temple for your life. Imagine your home as the physical representation of your body; the roof is your head, the foundation your feet, the walls your skeletal system, the windows your eyes, [...]

Your Home As A Vision Board

Think of your home as a 3D vision board! Have you ever created a vision board?* If so, you know how powerful it can be to clearly define and proclaim who you are and what you want from life in a two-dimensional form.  Guess what? Your home is your three-dimensional living vision board.  What [...]

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