Consulting Services

You might not need therapy, but does your home?

  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Are you in the midst of a big life transition?
  • Are you seeking change on some level?
  • Do you keep meeting the same setbacks and need a way to break free?
  • Does life keep throwing you the same lessons?

It might not be about you, but it could easily be about your home. More times than not our home is influencing parts of our life we’re just not aware of.

“Kimberly’s a home chiropractor, home yogini, and an intuitive home whisperer wrapped in to one delightful package.”

“She’s the fiercely loyal friend who holds your interest at heart and feet to the fire while taking home beyond what I thought possible! I simply LOVE her!”

A consultation with Kimberly is just what you need. Choose from one of three services: