The Wheel

The Wheel

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Just as you wouldn’t get in your car for a road trip not knowing where you’re going, you can’t reach your ideal life if you don’t identify what that life looks like. 

The Wheel is the first step toward your ideal life and the first step of the Dwellosophy Method. The Wheel helps you identify where you are today in terms of your “ideal life” within key areas.  Each area contributes to your overall well-being and articulates where your life might beckon greater focus, balance and support. 

The Wheel is a fantastic tool for anyone interested in enhancing virtually ANY area of their life. 

It helps you identify your current level of satisfaction within key areas of your life in quantifiable terms.

Identifying where you are in specific areas of your life is the first step toward your ideal life because you’re determining:

  1. your baseline (where you are today)
  2. where you want to be (your desired outcome or ideal life)
  3. what’s potentially holding you back (the obstacles/clutter)

When you identify your level of satisfaction on a scale of 1-10, you’re getting more familiar with your idea of a “10” life, your ideal life.

When you define the details for what your ideal life looks like, you identify what you’re moving toward. This step is pivotal for any endeavor.

Once you’ve finished the Wheel, you’re ready to learn the Dwellosophy Method for engaging the hidden power of your home.

The Dwellosophy Method blends art and science, the ingredients necessary for the method:  you, your home and the vision you hold for your ideal life.

The Wheel is designed to make it easy to see the areas in your life that need a boost! 

This potent little tool captures this moment in time as your baseline for achieving whatever you’re after. Once you get clear on your goals, you’re ready for the Dwellosophy Method to curate your home as a catalyst for change.

The Wheel is for you if....

  • You desire change in your life, but not sure where to begin
  • Your are in the midst of transition, but feel stuck and need direction
  • You feel like you've lost sight of your goals and dreams
  • You look around your home and feel you’ve outgrown a story that no longer feels like 'you'
  • You feel overwhelmed by life and need clarity of focus
  • It's time to say YES to the life you've imagined for yourself.  

This concise and effective tool will instantly arrive in your inbox and will be the best thing you've done for yourself in a long time!