Clutter 101
Clutter 101
Clutter 101
Clutter 101

Clutter 101

$9.99 USD

This powerful 30 page digital E-Book will forever change the way you see your home, the Dwellosophy way! 

This book illustrates why addressing your clutter is so important!

Did you know that CLUTTER = STRESS?

By removing clutter we remove stress. Dwellosophy is the art and science of a home that empowers your best self. But before we can optimize your best home for your best self, you must first physically remove the unwanted and unhelpful items. Getting rid of clutter is hard because emotional stressors often show up...they’re in symbiotic relationship with your physical clutter. But never fear! This potent book boils it all down and shows you how to use your home as a catalyst for change in your life.

This book is for you if....

  • You are often frustrated by simple tasks
  • You feel like your home gets in the way of your life
  • You desire change in your life, but have a hard time making it happen
  • Your are in the midst of transition, but feel stuck and need a serious boost
  • You spend more time than you'd like staying organized and feels like a full time job.
  • You look around your home and feel trapped in story that isn't 'you'.

It's time to say NO to the stress that your home is causing and YES to the best life you've imagined for yourself.  

This book contains....

  • A printable Room by Room log to guide your progress and keep you accountable
  • A detailed checklist that will insure your success
  • An Emotional/Mental Assessment to empower you over your stuff!
  • Real Life examples and stories that illustrate clearly how our home can sabotage our best efforts (and how to fix it!)

This powerful & beautiful book will instantly arrive in your inbox and will be the best thing you've done for yourself in a long time! If you are not 100% satisfied with this book you will graciously receive a full refund.  We KNOW that it will be the first HUGE step in creating a home that empowers and supports you! For the cost of two lattes you can forever change the way you see your 'stuff' and create a home that supports your goals and dreams! You'll want to print it and read it over and over, we promise! 

"Thank you, Kimberly! I had no idea that my clutter was getting in the way of my bigger life plans! This was truly ground breaking info for me! I've simplified and removed the obstacles that were holding me back and can clearly see how my home can make my life better!" Nora D.