Dwellosophy Design Services incorporate the design, layout and decor of your home to empower and inspire the best version of your life. When you orient your furnishings and decor in alignment with what you desire, your space becomes the blueprint for your dreams.

In an intimate working relationship, we focus on your desired outcome, whether it’s a more beautiful home, a fresh start, more peace and balance, or creating a much needed shift in relationships, career, or health. My holistic approach pulls your design aesthetic while weaving in your story, lifestyle and goals.  From here we co-curate a space which reflects you and more aligned with the life you’re building. Home evolves into a dynamic environment where your dreams are given the seeds to grow, so you can live what you love.

Together we get a really clear picture of your overall intentions, your personal objectives and aesthetic, we look at the architectural structure, the design and the layout of your furnishings. Next, we determine the obstacles (physical, mental and emotional) potentially sabotaging your efforts. Then we make sure your belongings and decor are equally aligned, supporting your life and your goals. After going through the Dwellosophy process together, you will forever have new eyes for how your space supports or impedes your life.  You will thoroughly understand the language of home and be able to guide your home to support your life and desires. It’s truly an empowering endeavor.

Dwellosophy Design Services are beneficial
if you are:

  • beginning the design process for a new home
  • building or remodeling a home
  • moving into a new home
  • need to make a positive change in your life
  • in transition and need a shift or more support
  • “stuck” in your life, career or relationship
  • feel your clutter is overwhelming
  • stressed & need to create a shift
  • wanting to focus on your relationship
  • moving in with your partner
  • tired of your space and want a shift

Design Services Include

  • Architect/Owner design liaison
  • New Construction/Remodel consulting
  • Architectural design consulting
  • Floor plan & layout consulting
  • Interior finishes consulting
  • Furniture selection and placement
  • Home Styling
  • ReDesign: Optimize existing space
  • Science-based Feng Shui principles
  • Natural & organic design principles

Where & How

In Person Design Services & Consultations are readily available in the San Juan Islands, Victoria and surrounding area. Extended travel outside the area will be considered on a client-by-client basis.

Contact Me to set up our initial consultation.

Gift Certificates for Dwellosophy Design Services are available and offer a unique idea for birthdays or housewarming gift. Please Contact Me for details.

Matthew Taylor

“Creating space…. that’s become so important to me in my life; space for energy, and personal places that inspire me to connect to ‘my’ world. It wasn’t until I met Kimberly and began my journey of working within her Dwellosophy format that I understood how potent the impact could be in my life by designing ‘nurture’ and ‘balance’ into my physical surroundings. Kimberly’s incredibly thoughtful approach to truly seeing her clients is her gift. And she’s found a special place to use her gift to change people’s lives by creating deep connectivity with their personal surroundings through her method of design. Embracing Kimberly’s unique approach to connecting my life to my living spaces has durably shifted my world with qualities I could never have imagined until working with her. Dip your toe in here. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

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