Are you ready to change your life by utilizing your home in a more dynamic way?

When your home becomes a reflection of you and the life you want to lead, your life takes new form, you move with ease from a place more inspired, more empowered, more supported.  Simply put, you are better able to flow through your day because your home is aligned with your physical, mental and emotional well-being and goals.

Whether your home feels like your sanctuary or a place of overwhelming chaos, clutter and never-ending “to do’s”, we’ll optimize your space to create the shift you are seeking within your home and life.

The Dwelling Consult is a results-oriented process specifically focused on your unique goals and desires. Sessions typically last 60-90 minutes, power-packed to make the most of our time together. As soon as you register for your Dwelling Consult, I’ll send you the digital Dwelling Consult Guide for you to read and complete 3 days prior to our call. This allows me time to thoroughly review your information before we meet. During our video-conference (or phone) session, we will address your goals and concerns for the room you specify and design your curated plan. My intention is to help you empower your life on all levels by optimizing the space of your home.

Concentrated, effective and budget sensitive, a Dwelling Consultation is a great way to work together to create a space that reflects who you are and what you desire.

Optimize Your Space

The Dwelling Consult

Personal Design Consultation

“We need our rooms to align us
to desirable versions of ourselves and
to keep alive the important,
evanescent sides of us.”

Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

How a
Dwelling Consult
will Change Your Life

  • Clear the obstacles from your space (and your mind)
  • Curate a space that supports your dreams and goals
  • Create a room which becomes the vision board for the life you choose
  • Move from shelter to sanctuary, from functioning to flourishing, from
    surviving to thriving

Let’s Work Together

The Dwelling Consult process allows us to connect on a more personal level even though when we can’t meet in person. This approach is actually one of my favorite ways to create impactful, lasting change with clients. We’ll collaborate taking a thorough look at what’s working in your home and life and what might not be working so well. From there, we’ll identify and remove the obstacles getting in your way, then we’ll tune specific areas in your space using the Dwellosophy method and design principles. In this way, your home engages your conscious and subconscious mind accelerating that which you most desire. The result, a space which reflects who you are and how you want to experience your life. When we work at this level, the impacts are profound and immediate.

About Your
Dwelling Consult Guide

  • Follow the introduction & information gathered via our online learning portal
  • Prepare & explore your personal Dwellosophy through 7 Sections of interactive content
  • Watch video guided introductions in each Section
  • Answer questionnaires which provide a wholistic and dynamic overview of our process
  • Follow engaging and thought provoking exercises which lead you through the unique Dwellosophy formula
  • Discover the impacts and results in the Dwellosophy Post-Consult Follow-up Section
  • Download your personalized Dwelling Consult Guidebook for your ongoing work and reference

What to Expect from Your Dwelling Consult

  • 60-90 minute 1-on-1 video conference consultation
  • Curate a space which reflects your goals and desires
  • Gain the knowledge to apply Dwellosophy to your entire home
  • Value-engineered for maximum results

How a Dwelling Consult Works

  1. Click the “Get Started Now” button below.
  2. Submit the order form.
  3. You will receive an email immediately with all the details.
  4. Follow the link to schedule your 1-on-1 Dwelling Consult in the upcoming weeks.
  5. Get instant access to the online video-based Dwelling Consult Guide.
  6. Progress through all 7 Sections – watch the videos, answer the Questionnaires & complete the Exercises.
  7. Complete the Dwelling Consult Guide at least 3 days before our Consult. It may take up to 2 hours.
  8. Meet for our Consult (video conference or phone) at our scheduled time. Consult usually lasts 60-90 minutes.

“I first asked Kimberly to help me recreate our apartment as a gift for my partner, but after she worked her magic it was clear that an orderly flowing space is a huge benefit to my own creativity as well. In less than 9 months I’ve written an albums worth of songs and started a book I had put off for years. Also I’ve been entertaining like I’ve always wanted! Suddenly it’s inviting in here! I used to have to head to the coffee shop to get anything done, I always thought our place was just too small, but the truth is I was just blocked. Thanks Kimberly for all your magic and intuition!”

Daniel Blue


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