Are you ready to experience Dwellosophy now? I created the Dwellosophy Jumpstart as a quick and easy way to work together. Let’s instigate a shift in your life by optimizing your living space without a lot of preparation or time investment. In this power-packed 60-minute phone or video conference session we’ll address key concerns or objectives in your life and living space by applying the principles of Dwellopophy. Together, we’ll craft a personalized plan so you can engage the power of home for yourself.

Whether your home feels like your sanctuary or a place of overwhelming chaos, clutter and never-ending “to do’s”, we’ll optimize your space to create the shift you are seeking within your home and life.

Let’s make a dynamic and lasting change in a super-informative and collaborative hour (or a bit more!).

Love Your Life

Dwellosophy Jumpstart

Quick Fix Consultation

“Everything in your home should reflect your vision for the life you want.”

Peter Walsh

Do You Need a Jumpstart?

  • Are you seeking change in certain areas of your life and want to experience how your home can help?
  • Does your home overwhelm you and you don’t even know where to start?
  • Are you in a life transition and want your home to serve you in new ways?
  • Does your home not feel like a true reflection of you?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your intentions and curious how your home might help you get back on track?
  • Does your relationship need support?

What to Expect from Your Dwellosophy Jumpstart

  • Thoughtfully created for quick and noticeable results
  • 60 minutes of personal and practical feedback
  • Designed for immediate and meaningful change
  • Introduction to dwell-being
  • Understanding for how to apply Dwellosophy to your entire space

Let’s Work Together

The Dwellosophy Jumpstart allows us to connect on a more personal level even though we can’t meet in person. This approach is actually one of my favorite ways to create impactful, lasting change with clients. We’ll collaborate taking a look at what’s working in your home and life and what might not be working so well. From there, we’ll identify and remove the obstacles getting in your way, then we’ll tune specific areas in your space using the Dwellosophy method and design principles. The result, a space more aligned with you and how you want to experience your life. When we work at this level, the impacts are effective and immediate.


Big Impact
{Small Investment}

  • Value sensitive, one-on-one process for engaging the power of Dwellosophy in your life
  • 60 minutes of targeted coaching
  • Minimum prep time: Schedule your session and we chat soon after
  • Begin to experience the impact of Dwellosophy on your life
  • Gain the tools you need to apply Dwellosophy to the rest of your home

“Using your ideas and solutions of my own, that only our session could have prompted, our home/business space is much better organized, functional and fluid. We are breathing easier and feeling more relaxed and “at home” in our space. We feel a sense of relief from the constant low level stress that our previous set up was creating. You made the process simple and fun.”

Tara F.


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