About Kimberly


Kimberly Garner is the founder of Dwellosophy, a results-oriented and holistic approach to design. 

She focuses on the human experience of home and the feedback loops home creates which ultimately impact the direction of one’s life. By simply utilizing the external environment of home in unison with the internal environment of Self, she co-conspires with her clients to impact dynamic life change. 

Her method is a simple and effective three step process. Her mission, to help people live closer to their version of an ideal life by optimizing the interior space of their home. Epigenetics plays a huge role in her method and precisely why it’s so effective. We truly are a product of our environment and our environment informs so much of our life.

Dwellosophy aligns the individual and their home with the vision they hold for their best life. There’s an alchemy between the three ingredients which once engaged brings that vision to fruition.

Kimberly spent over 25 years studying, researching and practicing the intersection of design, science and the soul. Inspired by the complementary fields of epigenetics, neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology, environmental psychology, eco-psychology, life coaching, human ecology, ecopsychology and theosophy she created Dwellosophy. 

She works as a life coach using her Home + Life method. Learning what inspires others and what gets them excited about who they are is her driving passion. 

Kimberly’s expertise lies in the language of architectural spaces. She consults with clients throughout the design process of building or remodeling as architectural and holistic design liaison. She co-curates from a deep desire to see another person and create a home unique to who they are and how they want to live. 

Between consulting and coaching, she’s developing courses and writing books to get her message and method out to the world.