I want to let you in on a little secret . . . one of the quickest ways to change your life for the better is through the canvas of your home.

Working hard to meet the demands of life, yet neglecting the desires of your own soul is a risk many of us face in our hectic lives. Sometimes life feels downright discouraging. You meet what life gives you. You do what needs to be done. Much of the time we’re so consumed by the details of life, we get sidetracked from our dreams and intentions. Did you make a promise to yourself about the future, about the life you were meant to lead? That story is still within reach, all you need is the support and inner knowing it is entirely possible.

Who holds the space for you to go after those hopes and desires? … Your home.

This is Dwellosophy – my holistic, results-oriented approach to design, making our homes not only lovely and supportive, but also platforms for creating the lives we want to live.  By giving our needs and desires attention in the landscape of home, our dreams are given the space to unfold.

Let Dwellosophy support your path to profound dwell-being. Discover your Dwellosophy and see what unfolds.


Like you, I appreciate good design. My passion for design grew deeper once I discovered how our living space contributes to our well-being.

As a mother and wife, it occurred to me that my loved ones are able to flourish because “mom” is behind the scenes making their lives safe, cared for and predictable.  My family’s able to live their life with joy because “mom” is holding the space for their best life. But who was holding space for me? My home. It courted chaos or offered support. Here is when I discovered the impact of home.

Inspired by a passion for the person/place connection, I searched for a Master’s program (or any program!) which captured this connection. I couldn’t believe there was no field of study (at that time) for how our living environment affects our well-being and our lives. When my efforts came up short, I decided to create my own course of study, gathering information from complimentary fields and disciplines. I’m hyper-analytical and need the thread of data which makes something true both scientifically, yet also speaks to my heart as truth. Epigenetics, neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology, environmental psychology, eco-psychology all contribute to the person/place connection. Dwellosophy was born from this place, knowing home as a vital instrument to well-being and fundamental to supporting our life and potential.

My approach incorporates the layers of the built environment and the impact “place” has on our human experience.  I consider myself a design curator meets researcher and mystic. Where design meets science and philosophy is my muse. Learning what inspires others and what gets them excited about who they are, has become my driving passion. I curate spaces from here, from a deep desire to see another person and create a sanctuary unique to who they are and how they live on this lovely planet.

It is my deepest hope, that Dwellosophy will create this support for you.