Dwellosophy Design Services

Dwellosophy Design Services

$2,499.00 USD


Dwellosophy In-Person Consulting 

Designed for those who want to take Dwellosophy to the next level, my in-person consultations offer a depth of care and attention to the details for multiple levels in your life.  This is a very wholistic process and one in which we will take a close look at how your life functions and what you’re most needing to shift. We will co-curate your space to further enhance your life.  Designed for anyone, this service is fantastic for creatives, people in the midst of transition, those feeling stuck or seeking any level of change and for those simply wanting to optimize their current home and life situation. It’s the most deeply rewarding process for me and my clients. While I’m learning about your space, what inspires you, gets you excited about your life and who you are, you’re learning firsthand the hidden language of home and all the tools I’m able to share during our time together which gives you lifelong skills to translate and articulate the language home speaks.  You will forever see home with new eyes and understand how your home uniquely influences you. We co-curate home from here to craft a space unique to you, your goals and how you life.

Expect meaningful change and a likely new friendship.

Architectural Consulting: Where Design, Neuroscience and the Self intersect creating homes which positively impact lives.

Architectural Consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Architect/Owner Liaison: Many times homeowners are not available to be onsite for last minute or short notice issues which need addressing in a timely manner to keep projects on schedule and budget.  Kimberly as liaison is deeply familiar with the goals and intentions of the owner and project vision. She advocates and represents the owners desires and needs to help streamline the process in a way that’s beneficial for all parties. ($250/hour)

Contact Kimberly to begin the process.  $2499/day Travel fees not included.

Design Services Could Include:

  • Architect/Owner design liaison
  • New Construction/Remodel consulting
  • Architectural design consulting
  • Floor plan & layout consulting
  • Interior finishes consulting
  • Furniture selection and placement
  • Home Styling
  • ReDesign: Optimize existing space
  • Science-based Feng Shui principles
  • Natural & organic design principles

After purchasing, Kimberly will reach out to you to schedule your time together.