Dwellosophy Day Consultation

Dwellosophy Day Consultation

$1,499.00 USD

Dwellosophy Day Consultation

Designed for those who want to take their home and life to the next level, my in-person consultation offers a deep dive into Dwellosophy.  We will take a wholistic look at how your life functions and what you’re most needing to shift. Designed for anyone, but particularly helpful for people in the midst of transition, those feeling stuck or seeking any level of change, it’s a deeply rewarding process for us both. While I learn about you and your space, you learn firsthand how your home might be working against you and how to fix it! You will forever see home with new eyes and understand how your home uniquely influences you. We co-curate home from here to craft a space unique to you, your goals and how you want to experience life. Expect meaningful change and a likely new friendship.

  • 4-6 hours of live in-person consulting
  • Dwellosophy Wholistic Consultation: Home Reading, Assessment and Evaluation (3-4 rooms per session is average)
  • Includes Visioning and Goal Assessment


“Kimberly’s a home chiropractor and an intuitive home whisperer with a keen eye for design and style.”

“She’s the fiercely loyal friend who holds your interest at heart and feet to the fire while taking home beyond what you thought possible! I simply LOVE her!”

$1499/day (plus travel)

    After purchasing, Kimberly will reach out to you to schedule your time together.