Dwellosophy Architectural Design Services

Dwellosophy Architectural Design Services

$549.00 USD

Collaborating with clients, architects, builders and craftsman to bring a vision and story to life within the physical form of home is not only a huge passion of mine, but a great privilege. Just as our body is the temple for our soul, our home is the temple for our life.  When designing and building a home, every detail must be thoroughly considered with intention and care for the unique individuals lifestyle and life experience.  Every building and home communicates a language with primal and universal themes which must be recognized in every design project. Yet the most profound are the personal themes, perspectives and stories each client brings to the design process. When we as designers, artists, creatives combine the environment, the architecture, the client experience, the desired outcome with the fundamentals which make a place not only a home but a positive and memorable sensorial experience, we create a home which impacts lives for years to come. How a home communicates with us influences how we experience our life.

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill

Architectural Consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Owner’s Design Consultant: Prior to architect selection or building design, Kimberly works with clients to create a Design Brief for the architect or design team prior to the conceptual drawings.  This ensures the unique and specific needs of the client, the layout of the home and the orientation of the property are considered before ink meets paper.  This streamlines the design process and offers the creative liberty a capable architect requires while keeping the needs and desires of the owners as central to the overall design.


“She’s able to see a two dimensional space three dimensionally so not a single consideration is missed, making the finished form a work of living art. I wouldn’t consider designing a new space without her collaboration.”


Owner Design Representative: Kimberly works extremely well with established architects and builders from the conceptual design phase to the finished stages of construction.  Her insight and experience brings a new awareness to the process and her approach offers a great environment for collaboration and project efficiency.


“No one should consider their building design complete without her review, collaboration and approval...she’s that good!”


Owner Built Design Consultant: When choosing to work directly with a builder to design/build your home, it’s essential to address key elements which might otherwise be overlooked.  Kimberly collaborates effectively with builders and owners to create a home which serves the unique lifestyle and functional needs of the client as well as co-creating a work of art which speaks specifically to the clients desires and goals.


Architect/Owner Liaison: Many times homeowners are not available to be onsite for last minute or short notice issues which need addressing in a timely manner to keep projects on schedule and budget.  Kimberly as liaison is deeply familiar with the goals and intentions of the owner and project vision. She advocates and represents the owners desires and needs to help streamline the process in a way that’s beneficial for all parties while holding the client vision central.


Additional Design Services:

  • New construction/remodel consulting
  • Architectural design consulting
  • Floor plan & layout consulting

Begin the process now. A retainer fee of $500 secures services and initial consultation with home owner/and or architect. After this, an hourly rate applies and can be discussed in person.