Kitchen 101

Kitchen 101

$9.99 USD

The Kitchen is the heart of the home and your kitchen speaks to some fundamental aspects of your life.  Discover what your home speaks and how you can articulate the space of your Kitchen to speak to your values, your lifestyle, your goals, dreams and the life you most want to experience.

Through the lens of Dwellosophy, you’ll gain helpful tools and information which will completely shift your perspective of the Kitchen.

Dwellosophy is both art and science of a home which inspires and empowers the vision for the life you want to experience. 

The Kitchen 101 e-book shares how to make your kitchen a dynamic expression of your ideals and a platform for seeding the vision of your “ideal life”.  Your kitchen is the hub of the home and the place of alchemy. Having it reflect who you are and how you want to experience your life offers dividends with long term benefit.

Tap into the power your kitchen holds for your life, inside and out.