Living Room 101

Living Room 101

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This powerful digital E-Book will forever change the way you see your home, the Dwellosophy way! 

This book illustrates why your Living Room is so important and is your guide to creating a Living Room that will support your best life.

Dwellosophy is the art and science of a home that empowers your best self. 

The living room is the centerpiece of the home. It’s where we offer friends, family and guests a comfortable place to sit and gather. Your living room communicates the mission statement for the household. It speaks to your values and how you engage with those closest to you, how you make time for connecting with them and with yourself.  The decor speaks to your story, who you are and how you live. The comfort and arrangement of the living room speaks to a deeper level of vulnerability, intimacy and offers a place to share and speak from the heart. The living room is an opportunity to make space for how you want to connect and experience relationships in your life. How you create this space speaks a language to those in it. Consider the living room your space to express what your heart and spirit wants to offer those you love, including yourself.

Living Room 101 will address how to make your living room the dynamic and powerful hub of your home! 

You'll never look at your living room the same way after reading this book. Apply the principles in your own home and get ready to feel the Dwellosophy difference!