Blueprint for a Self Designed Life Course

Blueprint for a Self Designed Life Course

$249.00 USD

Welcome to the Blueprint for a Self Designed Life. 

I designed this course to equip you with the most potent tools I know for effective change. You’ll gain the knowledge necessary to renovate your life on your terms by optimizing the space of your home. Beginning mid-January, we’ll follow the Dwellosophy method throughout the space of your home, room by room. The Blueprint course innately becomes an intimate process because your home is an extension of your being and reflection of your life.  Consider this course a collaboration, a guided journey and, most importantly, an investment towards your best life using the medium of your home. For the price of a single consultation, you receive 8 weeks of in-depth information via videos straight to your email inbox, email access to Kimberly (me) and weekly zoom conferencing sessions with Q&A. This course will fit any schedule and videos can be viewed at your convenience. Zoom conferencing will be recorded if you miss a session.

This course is for you if are ready to:

Deliberately attract what you want

Take responsibility for your future

Create new ways of living necessary to achieve the self & life you desire

Refuse status quo

Shake up what’s stagnant

Overcome old patterns of thinking and believing blocking the life you want

Blueprint for a Self-Designed Life will layout concrete steps so you:

Eliminate what’s not working

Break complacent habits

Create supportive routines

Seed the future you want

Renovate and restructure that way you experience home and yourself

Redesign your inner world 

Reinvent your home

Align your home with your intentions

Here is an 8 Week Outline of what we'll be focusing on! Your home reflects, reveals and reinforces key elements of your life.  We’re going to dive in and unravel what’s not working to clear the way for more of what you want.

Week 1: The Language of Home: Inner Home meets Outer Home

Week 2: Getting Clear on Goals, Intentions & Dreams

Week 3: Obstacles. What’s getting in the way of your intentions?

Week 4: The Entry

Week 5: The Living Room

Week 6: The Kitchen

Week 7: The Bedroom

Week 8: The Bathroom

Here’s what you can look forward to by the end of the 8 weeks:

Understand the symbiotic relationship between your internal home and external home

Experience more awareness around your goals, intentions and dreams...what lights you up!

Identify the myriad obstacles getting in the way of your goals and the life you intend

Grasp how each room in your home impacts fundamental areas of your life

Implement what’s essential so your home aligns with you and your intentions 

Are you ready?! Of course you’re ready, because you’re right here, right now. We’re going to have fun and we’re going to make things happen! You’re unstoppable, you matter and 2020 is your year to choose you and make you the priority.  GO BIG for your Self and everyone wins! 2020 is your YES year. The year you wholeheartedly go after what you want and have fun doing 

Expect change. When you become supported at this level, life will inevitably change. If you feel overdue for a durable shift in your life, you’re precisely where you need to be, right here and right now. 

Space is limited, so please book early. You don’t want to miss out!

After purchasing you will receive a confirmation email and your name will be added to the course roster. We will reach out to you with a welcome packet closer to the course start!